Product Designer

Visual & UX design

Front-end development

Based in Berlin. Working with startups.
Helping early stage startups at Hackquarters
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Enhance your guest experience. Make your hotel facilities and services accessible to all of your guests with one click.

My role: Increase the conversion rate of the landing page.

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A hub for your all of your photos and media stored safely in your home and accessible from any device and platform

My role: I designed the mobile app and it so much fun working on it! I'm in the kickstarter video as well :D

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The new way of shopping from abroad. Buy what you want from wherever you want and real people will bring it to you with some extra carry fees.

My role: designing the experience from A-Z on a web platform.

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An online & realtime platform for restaurant reservations in Turkey. Available through a webapp, iOS and android.

My role: Revamp the webapp as well as the iOS & android apps.

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Concepts & prototypes

I like to play around with Sketch app and Framer studio to design some cool stuff in my free time

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A social network for event discovery based on your location and your interests. Know what your friends and people you follow are doing. Organizers have also some super powers and an app designed specially for thier needs

My role: I was working as a Product Designer and my responsibility was everything design related as well as being involved in product strategy.

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Stories & articles

Side projects

Bootstrap 3.3.6 RTL

Bootstrap for right to left languages


Bootstrap without all the extra stuff

Spass library

Automated paddings and margins via Scss/Sass